Where Nature
Meets Luxury


Introducing Greenhouse, the latest masterpiece by Canada's largest community-builder, Concord Pacific. Conceptualized as a modern-day facsimile of the French orangeries of old, this one-of-a-kind project was created in harmony with nature down to the last detail.

greenhouse greenhouse greenhouse

From Tranquility to City Rhythm

Step into a world of enchanting ambiance at Greenhouse and immerse yourself in the captivating beauty of Central Park, just a stone's throw away. With 220 acres of lush greenery as your backyard, tranquility is at your doorstep. For a change of pace, the vibrant heart of Burnaby's city centre awaits, offering province's largest shopping mall, the Bob Prittie Library, and easy access to the Patterson Skytrain station. Embrace the perfect blend of natural serenity and urban excitement at Greenhouse.

A Timeless Masterpiece of Natural Harmony and Elegance

Inspired by the refinement of classic conservatories and the grandeur of beaux-arts architecture, Greenhouse is a living masterpiece that elegantly captures the opulence of royal gardens. The exterior facade boasts sinuous curves and flowing waves, harmoniously reflecting the beauty of nature. Every architectural element pays homage to its outdoor surroundings, embracing the lush greenery of Central Park and the serene shores of Deer Lake. Greenhouse stands as a testament to timeless sophistication and natural harmony.

Where Modern Amenities Meets European Regal Elegance

Greenhouse offers a splendid blend of modern amenities with a touch of European regal elegance. Unwind in the serene Crystalline Pool, relax at the Fountain Pavilion as you listen to the gentle flow of water, set amid lush foliage and captivating floral aromas, host a tea party in the elegant dining hall with family and friends. Whether seeking leisure or relaxation, Greenhouse is the perfect destination to fulfill your desires.

Convertible Living Space for All Season Enjoyment

Greenhouse is designed from top-to-bottom for seamless indoor-outdoor living year-round. Expansive suites naturally transition to a convertible solarium that features retractable glass panels and a balcony heater to allow for all-season enjoyment. Effortlessly entertain guests no matter the weather with purposefully designed features and airy living spaces equally suited for warm gatherings or a quiet night in.

Water Damage Protection System

Each new building from Concord Pacific will include a range of features designed to prevent costly water damage. Flood-related incidents can quickly escalate, resulting in expensive repairs, substantial increases in insurance premiums, and major disruptions to day-to-day life. To ensure safer, more sustainable buildings for residents, we’ve implemented measures such as protective enclosures for elevator machinery, preventing unintended triggers of fire sprinklers, early flood detection, and fast, remote water shut-off systems.

Discover a world of unparalleled luxury

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